Commercial Carrier University–Digital Download

Commercial Carrier University–Digital Download
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The CCU digital download is a set of five business manuals. The manuals provide fleet owners and managers the tools to run and grow their businesses through clear advice and advanced proven practices.

5 comprehensive manuals in one digital download:

How to Evaluate Life Cycle Costs

Life-cycle costing provides a lens through which to view and measure vehicle performance and to track the trends and changes in the equipment ownership cycle, helping you better manage your fleet.

How to Use Financial Statements

Financial statements need not be mysterious or incomprehensible. Each tells a story about a different part of your business. Collectively, they give an overall picture of the financial health of your company. Learn what information each tells — and, just as important, doesn’t tell — and you’ll be in a better position to make your company financially healthy for a long time.

How to Write A Business Plan

A business plan is the document lenders want to see when you are starting your company or when you want money to expand it or take it in different directions. Business partners want to see that you take your business seriously, that you aren’t just trucking by the seat of your pants. And it’s not just outsiders who need a business plan. You need a plan to confirm that your strategy is viable. And, though it’s unpleasant to consider, a written business plan is one of the resources you could leave a successor in the event you die or become incapacitated.

How to Manage Cash Flow

Every business owner worries about cash flow, and it’s a particular concern in trucking. What’s the secret in managing cash flow? Is it cost control? Is it finding the right financing method? The right mix of customers? Tight company policies? Slower growth? More help from your banker? It’s all these things – and a lot more.

How to Plan for Succession

Neglecting to include a formal succession plan as part of your overall business strategy introduces uncertainty that could threaten the survival of the business. Sixty-five percent of family-owned businesses do not survive past the first generation of ownership, largely due to poor succession planning


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